Kitchen Remodel Question One: Traditional or Contemporary?

Are you ready for a kitchen remodel?

Where should you begin?

The first question when considering a kitchen remodel is “Traditional or Contemporary?” The answer to this question will begin your journey for many of your design choices. How do you know which is which, and what if your style falls somewhere in between? There are a few distinguishing factors to help you decide.

Traditional Kitchen Design

Descriptive words that come to mind when you think about a traditional kitchen may be floral print, colonial, antique, or comfort. But what does it mean for your kitchen? Designing a traditional kitchen may include:

  • Soft Colors such as yellow, cream, and ivory, accented with rich splashes of crimson, royal blue, olive green, or chocolate brown, perhaps with decorative deco accents.
  • Cabinetry of natural wood stains or light paint colors finished with rounded handles or decorative knobs. doors are generally paneled, either raised or flat such as Shaker or Arts & Crafts.
  • Walls painted in ivory, beige, or cream are common. Some traditional design may also include ornate paper finishing such as French Country.
  • Flooring in the traditional kitchen is typically covered with large tile, to allow for fewer grout lines, or wood with ornate rugs. There are many options for wood flooring materials available to increase comfort and durability.
  • Window Treatments can be lace, or printed with floral or stripes, gathered or tied back.

Contemporary Kitchen Design

As contemporary means “of the present,” it would lend to a design style that is ever changing. Laying a foundation for contemporary kitchen design is often less defined than traditional design. Contemporary design allows for accessories to change more easily. Designing a contemporary kitchen may include:

contemporary kitchen remodel

  • Colors are neutral such as cream, white, tan, beige, gray, and brown. Brighter colors are used to accent minimally and with great impact up against the neutrals.
  • Cabinetry is often precise and smooth, made from many options of wood, glass, and metal. Contemporary handle choices can be anything from sleek and sophisticated to whimsical.
  • Walls can be covered with custom tile backslashes, or neutral paint with bright colored accent walls.
  • Flooring is often bare wood, stone or laminate, with rugs of simple design.
  • Window treatments are simple to none in the contemporary kitchen. When treatments are necessary they are simple and clean in neutral colors.

If you are somewhere in between, enjoying different features from both contemporary and traditional, your style is considered transitional. The most enjoyable reward in helping individuals and families design their new kitchen is listening to their wants, needs, and desires to create a new kitchen space that fulfills each piece. Kitchen Studio’s design team prides itself on asking the right questions and allowing the answers to form the design. Contact us today to begin your kitchen remodel journey.

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